The Mutraddi are a race of diverse monsters that inhabit Mutraad, one of the two moons orbiting Galaluna used by General Modula in his coup against the Galalunians.

The dominant life forms on the satellite Mutraad, the term "Mutraddi" is the general term for a vast number of unique creatures that inhabit the moon. Most lack intelligence of any high degree and rely on instinct and brute lethality to survive on Mutraad's harsh environment; however, the Mutraddi appear to be tamable with the right skill, a fact exploited by Modula when he was forced to survive on the moon.

There appear to be countless distinct varieties of the Mutraddi species, some of which defy natural laws, and others that are gargantuan in size. The most common variety seen so far are gray skinned huchbacked beasts that seem to be unusally dim-witted and brutish, which serve as foot troops for Modula.

At an unknown point in history, the Galalunans discovered and came into conflict with the Mutraddi, and despite their superior technology, the ferocity and adaptability of the beasts of Mutraad forced the Galalunans to withdraw from the moon, but not before Modula was lost and presumed dead in a Mutraddi ambush.

Modula did not die however, and was forced to find a way to "reason" with the Mutraddi, and found a way to control and influence the creatures. Biding his time and gathering an army of the beasts, Modula launched a brutal and crippling assault on the Galalunans, capturing the planet and forcing the Crown Princess Ilana and her protectors to flee to earth.