Kimmi is the school's head cheerleader. She is stuck up, mean, snobbish, and ditzy. She is the classic stereotype for a high school cheerleader. She has shown to have a sweeter side however, shown in her debut episode, "Showdown at Sherman High" when Ilana tries out for the cheerleading squad despite Lance's attempts to convince her otherwise, explaining that the cheerleaders are not who Ilana thinks they are. At first, Kimmi is extremely mean to Ilana, such as putting her down after he fenomenal performance with her gymnast abilites. She also sabotages Ilana's attempt at forming the pyramid and proving that she is cheerleader materical if she can successfully be the point of the pyramid. After the school is attacked by goo-like creatures sent from the Mutraddi, Ilana, despite being wrongfully denied a spot on the squad, risks her life to save the cheerleaders and in the end, Kimmi is moved by Ilana's words and being left behind by the squad members who followed Ilana. After the school is safe once again, Kimmi goes back to her rude and mean self, making fun of Ilana for "uniting the school as one" over the school's intercom system the night before.

Kimmi also shows her kinder side to Octus (Newton). In the episode "Lessons in Love", Kimmi fails a test and tricks her teacher into letting her take it home for the night and redoing it, to which she corners Octus as Newton in the hallway and convinces him to help her with it later that night. At Newton's house, she continually procrastinates her work and tries to have her test done by Newton which fails each time, even after her dance routine. Eventually, Kimmi agreed to get tutored by Newton and eventually became his love interest as the two are seen as a couple walking hand in hand to class in the school hallway the next day. This relationship was tested in "The Ballad of Scary Mary" and although was a bit shakend, the lovers seemingly have patched up.