General Modula

Voice Actor

Don Leslie



First Appearance

Episode 1: Escape to Sherman High




Leader of the Mutraddi




"The Traitor"

Once a good friend of the King and a great hero, General Modula commanded the armies of Galaluna through some of their fiercest battles and always emerged victorious. However, upon his return from the rescue of a stranded science expedition on the farthest moon of Galaluna, Modula was never the same. The General became ravenous for power; delusions of ruling the planet became his obsession. It wasn’t long before he gathered an army of beasts and monsters and attacked the capital and Royal Palace. General Modula is a warmonger and dictator of the worst kind. His paranoia won’t rest until Ilana is extinguished; in his mind she is the only chance for a rebellion against him. While he relies on stupid, brutish monsters to fight his major battles, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty when necesssary: The Royal Guard Resistance try to take him down, but he easily defeats them with his own hands.