Galaluna is the planet Ilana, Lance, and Octus are originally from. It is far out into the universe, which explains the use of the Rift Gate. Besides having three moons it appears to be very much like Earth, such as the air they breathe and its inhabitants look identical to humans. Galaluna was once ruled by the King of Gallaluna, who is also Ilana's father, but is now currently under the control of General Modula and his army of Mutraddi beasts. The people are resisting, but their efforts aren't working so far. Ilana has a heavy homesick feeling for her home planet. Always getting a visual appearance of her home while looking at something else. For example, while at the mall with Lance, she looked into a snow globe and it reminded her immediately of her home. In the Shaman of Fear, for her most feared hallucinations, all she visualized was people from her Galaluna pleading for her help.