Earth is a planet, first appearing in episode 1, Escape To Sherman High, and is the new home of Octus, Lance, and Ilana. Earth is also the home planet to humans, and to them "alien" heroes, the planet is very confusing and difficult to understand.

Lance is the one who doesn't want to fit in on Earth, yet seems to call all popularity towards him without even trying. He would much rather do without the attention, desiring to be back in the battlefield on Galaluna.

Octus, being a robot, doesn't care how he fits in on Earth. He was never really around Earth-born humans and is still learning to understand their culture and way of life, different than the Galalunians. Being a robot, he doesn't seem to mind the fact that he is considered a nerd under the identity of Newton. Eventually his geeky façade gets him to be in a relationship with the ever-popular Kimmi, and he learns from her how to adapt to be "human".

Ilana has the most trouble trying to fit in on Earth. She often wears rediculous outfits, trying to be part of the "fashionable", thinking that if she wears the things that the high school Earth humans wear, she will be like them and they will accept her. Having been raised as a princess, she is overly-kind and helpful, and always trying to unite groups as one. For this, she is made fun of and labeled as "Weirdo". She yearns for the popularity and attention absorbed by Lance.